As we are sure you appreciate, running Jedforest Instrumental Band costs a great deal of money each year.  To enable us to invest in its future and that of our many talented young players, we need to raise an average of £17,000 per year - a substantial amount of money.

Much of this money goes to funding our tutors and musical directors, ensuring that give the very best tuition, free of charge, on their chosen instrument. We know how much you value this opportunity, particularly in today’s financially challenging times. With the money we raise, our young players can progress through the different band levels, finally becoming full playing members of the Jedforest Instrumental Band.

Without the invaluable generosity and help of our loyal supporters, finding this money would be an almost impossible task.  Many of you have kindly offered donations in the past, so with this in mind, we have decided to introduce a new ‘Friends of Jedforest Instrumental Band’ scheme for 2013.

For an annual donation (minimum £10 per ‘Friend’) you will become a ‘Friend of Jedforest Instrumental Band’ and receive the following privileges: ·

        Your name will be included in Concert Programmes ·

        You will be entered into an exclusive ‘Friends’ draw for a £30 Prize at both the Spring & Autumn Concerts ·

         You will be entered into an exclusive ‘Friends’  Christmas Draw for a £50 Prize at the Christmas Concert ·

In addition, if you are a taxpayer the government will add another 25% to your donation.  The more you donate, the more “Gift Aid” we will receive.

If you would like to become a ‘Friend of Jedforest Instrumental Band’ please follow the link  below and fill in the form and return to:                       Mrs Joyce Lightbody, 39 Howdenburn Court Jedburgh, TD8 6NP

Friends of the Band

FOB Sign-up Form